Removal of double chin

Belkyra treatment without surgery

The dreaded double chin affects both men and women, due to factors such as genetics, weight gain or aging; and it is often resistant to both diets and exercise. it makes a person look older and scruffy.

It is a non-invasive injectable procedure for reducing double chin.

From the USA, a revolutionary treatment comes to Spain, its name is Belkyra and it has been approved by the FDA and Health Canada as an injectable liquid that is inserted gently into the fat of the chin. It is safe, fast and able to remove the fat accumulated under the chin without having to go through surgery.

As time goes by and with few sessions and without surgery, patients can see how fat reduce and even disappear. A local topical anesthetic cream can be used to minimize discomfort during treatment.

Removal of double chin

Introducing the most innovative treatment for the elimination of the double chin: Belkyra. Without surgery, safely and quickly.

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