Treatment of local fat

Fat removal with intralipotherapy

In this technique intralipotherapy is applied, in the exact area where we want to eliminate fat, through a series of infiltrations. Permanently, quickly and safely you will get the dissolution of fat that will naturally be removed through the lymphatic system and urinary tract.

After the treatment, the patient can return to normal life, since it is not needed sick leave. Although patients are not advised to use vibrating or radiofrequency platforms until the end of treatment.

The number of sessions will vary between 2 and 5, depending on the area of ​​fat to be treated. the interval between sessions should be a minimum of 3 weeks, although it will be assessed according to the clinical aspects of each patient.

The most commonly treated areas are: flanks, inner thighs, inner knees, thigh fat, arms, double chin and abdomen.

In the treatment with intralipotherapy, it can be combined with medical equipment like pressotherapy, ultrasound, lymphatic drainage, etc. although they are not necessary to increase the effectiveness of intralipotherapy.

Treatment of local fat

Permanent, fast and safe removal of fat through the lymphatic system.

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