Integral treatment of cleavage

Firm, smooth and without blemishes

Showing off a rejuvenated cleavage is not a matter of a single treatment or a single day. However, with the proper techniques and protocols it is easy to achieve and maintain an exceptional result in a few weeks. This is explained by Dr. Haydee Camacho, who also extends the action to shoulders, biceps and triceps for an optimal and satisfactory result and global vision. 

The keys to a fantastic cleavage are: a homogeneous skin, without spots; a smooth texture, free of wrinkles and finally a firm appearance, without signs of skin sagging, accompanied by shoulders and arms in the same line.

Integral treatment of cleavage

For a homogeneous and spot-free skin, a smooth, wrinkle-free texture and a firm appearance, with no signs of sagging.

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